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Saturday, October 7, 2017


Yes, I live your near your father but I have not seen him in over a year.
My schedule really does not permit it, to go to the absolute other side of town.
I wish it could.
He was nice to me and forgot the past.
He didn't trade me for poser Bible thumper.
Whatever is in the past, is in the past.
If we had stayed together, I would have never had another child.
I am sure you still think about how I dragged you into court, jacked your car (my car) that you left the title in, etc.
We both did not live up to our ideals.
Gambling at that time was not a vice, it was a distraction.
You were controlling.  You wanted me to dump certain friends.
You never met my most quality friends.
I went to 12 weeks of Catholic instruction in subzero temperatures on foot and on ice.
Not one woman could ever live up to your standards.
I am glad you accepted the mortal condition and met someone who met your general standards.  You recognized the need for companionship.

Even if we loved eachother, we could have been destined for each other but the emotions always ran high and I always had an inkling to escape.  Everything was an Italian job.  You doubted everyone.  In the end, you could not fully trust or love.  Each act of independence was an act of betrayal.

I loved you but love was not enough.

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