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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Flashback from my gypsy life, published in 2014 in Duluth Reader

Relocating to the Midwest from California in Middle Age

I didn’t come from the mountains of Romania, but most of my life I have been a traveling gypsy.  I liked to run…from my problems, as an athlete and as a way to navigate the world.  I was a state champion runner but I had the personality of a vagabond, lining my soul with writers like Carson McCullers, Flannery O’Connor and Truman Capote.  This love affair with Southern Goth genre cultured my path into an eternal destiny of wandering, looking for things under rocks where others fear to tred.  My childhood friend who I walked from K to 12th grade married her high school sweetheart at age 21.  She lives in her former parent’s house and has two fine children.  She most likely planned her life.   I have left the Midwest at least 4 times in a 20 year period and managed to come back.  I have amnesia when it comes to snow.   My reunion with Minnesota soil this time was breached with record breaking winters two times in a row and a quiet horizon which begged my mind for one encounter with the homeless L.A. population just for company.  I could not adjust from L.A. back to Minnesota after a 13 year escape from the land o’ lakes.   While interviewing for the job that led me back to Minnesota, I stayed with my brother’s best friend, John, in Mc Gregor.   He was overly plump in his farmer bibs, divorced, a former educator in Minnesota prisons and a jolly good soul with a gift of hospitality.  He made me feel at home.  My interview was one week before the famous Duluth flood of June, 2012 sending pre-rapturous vibrations which may have been clueing me in not to take the job.  I remember staring at the computer screen in my North Hollywood apartment, seeing caved in Duluth streets and swimming seals, wondering if Moses intervened just to teach me a lesson.   Ninety percent of my relatives were dead.  There were only four rag tag Finlanders left of which three who seemed quite normal.  The other one was tarnished by Vietnam and his recessive anti-social gene surfaced just as I returned.  Two months after I moved here, I was shopping at the Salvation Army on West Superior Street for a snazzy outfit to wear to an East High School dance I was chaperoning through Americorps.  My older sister from San Francisco called in a panic, “John fell off the four wheeler and now he is presumed brain dead.”  I found out he was flying in from McGregor to St. Mary’s where he would be treated.  I refused to believe that my only close friend within 60 miles would not survive.  I visited him in St. Mary’s and prayed for God to intervene and prompt a miracle.  His son flew in from Alaska and within 48 hours it was determined he could not be salvaged.  He donated 3 organs to people who needed them.  He had given his life to everyone and now he gave 3 organs.  I was now short one close friend and still had not heard from the one they deemed the crazy Finn, the Vietnam War veteran.   I started making friends in the casino but one and a half years later, quit.  It was just a sideline bet to avoid the upcoming frozen winter and the inevitable silence of the long, winter nights.   My son had a new prosthetic –  X Box headphones permanently glued to his head in which he rode imaginary cars on split lane highways into rocky valleys, ghetto strewn neighborhoods, through graffiti stained walls.  I pretty much did not exist except to make dinner.  I started working 2 to 3 jobs to keep busy.  I also did 2 radio shows a week and worked on my screenplay piecemeal.  Moving back to Minnesota got me closer to nature in which I can see Chester Creek outside my window, but it did not bring me closer to myself.  Except my one year stint in the casino, I rarely went out.   I did join Toastmasters and gave five to ten minute speeches to a battery of a mostly female audience who were highly driven, disciplined and loved professional challenge.  I used to watch one of the speakers organize her notes and all her actions were so procedural.  I, the gypsy, was a misplaced Jack Kerouac about to recite Howl in a room full of neutrally dressed corporate climbers.  However, they were genuine.  I was the stranger.  Finally, after I quit gambling, I was able to face myself.  I joined gamblers anonymous and met people really dedicated to recovery.  People who had quit 8 to 10 years prior, were still attending.  I found unity and clarity by attending.  My church opened up the other valve of fulfillment by playing interesting, intellectually minded videos in Sunday school before church.  They even had a Lake Superior day and heralded nature.  I didn’t see Al Gore in the audience or any environmental gurus.  It just seemed to be a congregation that was able to commune and worship the stratosphere of Duluth.   Eighty year old women would smile on Sunday even if it was 20 degrees below zero.   After about two years, I noticed I have not really dated since I came to Duluth.  My closest proximity to a man was making small talk with the laundry mat owner.   There was also a black jack dealer that captured my heart.   It didn’t seem to bother me.  I was streamlining in intellectualism reading Thomas Merton and Albert Camus and was too busy to notice.   However, the slow paced culture of Minnesota did force me to challenge myself and decide what really made me happy.  Movies and book didn’t seem to cut it totally and I had to find a way to be fulfilled.   When I joined a gym, I realized that special element to keep one motivated butterflied and freed my soul.   I now swim four times a week and chase the old ghost of my former running days down the pool lane in my aqua socks.  I may be chubby but I haven’t given up.   Being middle age means that sometimes things do slow down even if I am working 70 hour weeks.  It means really finding yourself.   I live in a country where I have the luxury to survive, not go hungry and become “deep” and enriched.   With those advantages, I have overcome loneliness by just being grateful.  Except on those sub twenty zero days when I swear like a sailor as I drive behind someone going 30 mph because that’s what Duluthians do.   No matter the zip code, I will always be a gypsy but I paused long enough for my son to attend the same high school for four years so he doesn’t have to combat the urban streets of L.A. and he can have friends from well rounded families who invite him for supper with names like Johan Johnson and teach him colloquial Minnesota lingo. You betcha, I made the right choice.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The side effects of Darryl Gates decisions on LAPD Police Force right before Los Angeles riots- Available on YouTube

Tune into this radio broadcast that has indepth, detailed coverage of Darryl Gates, LAPD, methodology on chokeholds, civil rights violations, brutal childhood, federal grafting and more.... Follow link below

There are two forms of civilizations. One will be redeemed by the final return of Christ. Some societes self destruct because of false authorities & rampant crime. I am tying in the Second rebuilt Judaic temple by Herod and future third Jewish temple of Jerusalem. The 3rd one has not been build yet. It was prophesied in Ezekial and designed by the prophet. I am relating the Jewish kingdom to future kingdoms, which will rise and fail. Korea, Israel and innercity U.S.- when will their golden age be? Gihan Springs will be the future location of the third temple, not the dome of the rock. The Gihan Springs is symbolic to the Book of Revelations where God livestreams and correlates his vistion of the new Jerusalem. We are going to touch upon better moments of L.A. Riots, like how Titus Murphy; 3 others saved Reginald Denny's life. We also discuss Daryl Gates boneheaded idea to institute chokeholds as an LAPD policy to restrain out of control citizens which resulted in a 1.1 million payout to James Mincey, Jr.'s family and the subsequent deaths of 15 other people. Mincey’s death by chokehold was a public-relations nightmare for the L.A.P.D., which claimed that he was on PCP before a toxicology report proved otherwise. Chokeholds were banned, and officers used metal batons instead. 00:00 – Societies & Visions of the Future, Cyrus of Persia 03:20 – Kingdoms – Coming Temple 3rd Temple Mount, Historical Background 07:51 – Symposium on Community in Policing in Nevada, Meals on Wheels, Rodney King & South Central Effects, Reginald Denny 18:01 – Compassion & Respect for Life, Don's Relatives 23:51 – Ex-Marine Henry “KiKi” Watson – Reginald Denny Interview 28:13 – Reintroduction of Topics and Recap 33:01 – LA Raids, Darryl Gates & Military Hardware, Gun Origins, Rodney King 40:21 – Deadly Choke Holds, Jon's Police Stop, Police Decriminalization 55:35 – Gangster Rap, Love and Hostility, Not Being Scared, Who Owns America? 1:03:24 – Collective Thinking and Messaging, Current Racism, Don needs a hug,
Systemic Racism, Judging Other People, Ben Carson, Police Conditioning 1:26:39 – Social Justice Issues, Corporate Culture, Black Culture 1:34:01 – Black Traits, Education, NWA, Lefsa, Officer Force 1:44:55 – Rodney King New Yorker Article 1:52:35 – Police Power, We Are From Africa, Repression, Police Corruption 2:06:00 – Song Introduction and “Someone You Recall”

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fighting factions and alliances of Syrian War--radio broadcast

The Syrian child:  My government killed me.  My Russian ally killed me.  My Turkish neighbor wanted me dead, especially if I was a Kurd.  My righteous defenders accidentally killed me in crossfire (YPG, YPJ, Free Syrian Army)  My Parents defending themselves in Homs indirectly killed me.  The Mediterranean swallowed me up on my march to freedom.  The Europeans hated me once I got there because I didn't fit into their culture.  The American president didn't want me because immigrants are a burden.

Tune into our latest broadcast on Syrian War.  Israeli plane down.  US led coalition, fighting factions including Iran, Al Nusra and others.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

United Fruit Company, Dirty CIA & High risk murders caused JFK's death

United Fruit Company, Dirty CIA Politics and JFK newly released files

From our CIA directed dominance in Guatemela in which we hired a band of mercenaries to suppress Honduras resistors in the 1950s, from the corporate stranglehold in the Carribbean throughout Central America of United Fruit Company, the American government propped and sustained numerous military dictatorships by suppression to control land, subvert peasants and allow mass murder. We will discuss our fear of Soviet influence and our justification to kill and control Central Americans. It was called Operation Success including the bombing and coup of Guatemalan gov't in 1954. We also discuss the Doolittle memo of containment headed by covert operatives. In the same way, John F. Kennedy lied when he said we would not stoop to low ball tactics and kill other national leaders. He secretly condoned over a dozen attempts over Castro's life. He created a secret group called the Executive Action which was an organization of planned assasinations on at least 8 world leaders. We even solicited help from the US Mafia. JFK death wish for Castro came back on himself. From current release of his death to coups in Chile, suppression of Mossedegh, the U.S. goverment has a lot of explaining to do. We also discuss Amazon Stock, Whole Foods Stock, Identity politics and Obama's Uranium One and Iranian deal.

0:04 -- Intro Song 2:52 – United Fruit Company & Operation Success 7:25 – Audio About United Fruit Company & Economic Imperialism in Guatemala 15:31 – Don's view on Established Institutions, the Military, Guatemala & Doing Good 22:38 – Ben & Don & Jane talk about morals, mentors, teachers & success 30:38 – Uranium Deal 36:55 – The Clintons 38:41-- Kennedy, Containment, International vs. Domestic Politics 46:51 – Identity Politics 52:04 – Recap so far 58:33 – A variety of subjects

Monday, January 15, 2018

Our BlogTalkRadio show is now simulcast LIVE on YouTube; also some uploads

Here is the link to two of our recent LIVESTREAM episodes.  The Sunday night episode I did was Livestream on YouTube.  However, it is better to do the episode and then upload due to sound variation.  The second half of the Sunday show I did livestream tonight.  Future episodes will probably be audio transfer, not live video unless I am instructing or giving a lesson.

First Half:  Larry Wooten Memo and Bundy Mistrial; nuclear waste and dumping...

You can find all our current uploaded radio shows from BlogTalkRadio on

The full episode is at the link below

(not all episodes have been transferred to YouTube)  Catch the rest at

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Tune in to our radio broadcast

Link here to radio show

We discuss the troubled, misguided world of Project Veritas.  They think by contriving incidents of false representation of scandal that they can effectively alter the news to a more truthful mindset of integrity.  How is that possible by acting out of deception?  What caught my attention was how supposedly Donald Trump funded Project Veritas with $20,000 to document videos of protests of his inauguration.  Then he influenced police authorities to exaggerate arrest claims of protesters over property damage.  This is an organization that has been capable of posing as a fake Muslim charity at NPR, provoking mosque members to publicly align with ISIS, trying to bribe David Letterman, and recently have a poser sexual victim claim that Roy Moore assaulted her as a minor and impregnated her.  Tune into this episode.  It also discusses the bravery of Daniel Ellsberg and going public with the Pentagon Papers in the NY Times.  We also discuss the unnecessary, tragic death of Daniel Shaver.