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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Steve D from Hinckley

I am in a constant state of revision of you
 I stop by to wrap it up
a one liner from a David Mamet play
or maybe just a screaming bar tone like Roseanne 
You still call  me dearie and honey like
you are the elder
Your David Soul toupe swirling about your head
that you say it is is not real or dyed
You're waiting for the 2 bit mama from other side of town
with tawny brown hair and a crooked nose
She's from a small town in Wisconsin where boozing it up
was the extreme passtime.
She'll give it to you anyway you like  you told me once.
You smoke your cigarette in despair
Has becoming rich made you anymore content?
You still have to worry about what she might or might not do.
Is retirement really you?
your competitive game changing ideas
at the Black Jack table
You doubling down with forty to two hundred dollars
Your sense of ownership at the table like no one could make one move you would disapprove of.
I believe you sobered up in those last months
As your mom lay dying
And you still have some goodness within you
but why can't you recognize a true woman?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Middle aged Jane

I had a dream about Joseph Runningfox, one of my most famous, once f---d up Hollywood friends.  He went through years of drinking, followed by rehab...then fathering 3 children after the age of 40....maybe 4.  I know one of the moms' of his kids and she is a stalwart person and quality parent.  

First, I will tell you the dream, then I will give you an update on his life as I know it.

Joseph was homeless and struggling, similar to what he was doing in the early 2000s when I knew him better.  I could see his street hideouts in the dream and through omniscience, I knew where he went.  One time we were on a bus together.  He had a gun and threatened people.  I hid under the bus seat but I knew he would see me because he was sitting across from me.  I don't remember the sequence of events but my sister got on the bus and we rounded up $20 to give him and he was happy.  He was happy and thankful and no longer mad at me.  It was surreal.  My ex-lover, Branden, was in the dream, too.  He was a transient in the dream and would manage a venue somewhere in town.  I think it was an entrance to a movie theater with a long, red carpet.  There were signals in town he would give to his friends about getting free food, money and other perks.  I helped him, too, and we got along in the dream.  In real life he was a jerk.  

Here is a video of Joe, pretty powerful.  He was like that.  His voice, thoughts and actions had power.

In real life, Joe and I had a minor conflict when Facebook first became popular.  I sent him a personal, private message and he said not to because his manager was running his page.  However, one time he embarrassed me in front of my church members.  I was there for him more than he was there for me.  He now has a child with a disability and lives in New Mexico.  I am still grateful for knowing him but he was very caught up in the blame game, emotional dependency and not taking responsibility for his disease and problems.  In other words, he hurt people.  I was never that involved with him so it didn't affect me as much.  I just thought it was strange that he was one of the most famous people I knew and didn't have his bearings straight.  He knew a lot about philosophy though and Native living.

Branden  2006-2010 side piece

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Racial tension, Racial perception, Racial intensity 25 years after Los Angeles Riots #RodneyKing

Don, Ben, Jon all dissect several kind of intellectual border crossings within their framework to reflect/analyze race relations in America today.  Don is a collective thinker who magnifies his Black race with a "we" persona and the frivolity of the white race/conquest.  Ben forces Don to look deeper into the individual mindset that drove him to this position.  Jon has a blended perspective and sees past the color barrier to embrace all races. On an every day level, it matters who your friends are.  Jane and Jon have friends of all different races and I suspect Don & Ben do, too.  Jane has crossed racial taboos to have a Black child and raise him with a Baptist/Lutheran Midwestern frame of mind.  We all examine key events leading up to the L.A. Riots - Daryl Gates approval of a choke hold method to restrain individuals, the death of Latasha Harlin and choke hold death of James Mincey, Jr which ended in a large settlement.  There was no PCP in Mincey's system and toxicology reports were on the side of the victim.  Who is winning the war on racism?  Police brutality seems to win out at every turn except in the Guillermo Yanez case.  Tune in to this riveting episode with also a critique on Ben Carson and his mindset.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Listen to our newest episode on how we blend the past circumstances with current political clashes in Syria and how superpower intervention is offsetting the natural course of things.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

How the NSA was ineffective in 911 & other critical sharing of data with CIA and FBI

This video covers a lot of intelligence breaches that occurred just before 911.  It explains how the NSA is structured, what information can be legally exchanged between all 3 U.S. intelligence agencies.  It will be covered on our radio show at 11 p.m. CST TONIGHT March 26th.  Call in to our radio dial.  323 642 1691.