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Monday, January 9, 2017

Another radio conflict that in the end adds up to nothing.

     I do realize over time that people who have never gone to college end up repeating the same recycled garbage and analogies that revolve around in their head.  My friend, Jon, is very good at examining spiritual complexities that people have to face in their everyday walk with God.  He has breadth and depth on the subject.
     When it comes to politics, he has a tendency to "label" friends of the opposite party such as "liberal" "feminist" "socialist" "communist" "comrade" etc.  He has pre formed definitions about these labels and surrounding ideology as well as uninformed conceptions of the American communist movement and terrors of maximal capitalism.
     He has become simply adamant about his support and stronghold for Donald Trump and what that represents for the future of America.  He won't accept anything less or any contrasting ideology or he also berates Don, I and others constantly about Hillary Clinton's qualities and physical stamina.
     I think working 12 hours a day with a dog and bossy woman has gotten under his skin.  He has always been tremendously fair and tolerant of other people with longstanding patience.
     He went off the rails last night just because I was trying to classify voters as urban, educated in major cities as opposed to rural, Southern voters who rallied around Trump.  He thought I was trying to pigeonhole him as a so called dumb voter.  But I was only strictly talking about demographics, NOT HIM.
     Either way, he feels his Trump voice can't be heard even though 7 of our 8 last callers were clearly conservative and had an hour of air time a piece.  Albert has replaced Jon as one of the three key cohosts and I doubt Jon will be back on the show for 5-6 months.  He has a demanding job 7 days a week which is 12-15 hours a day and rarely has time for himself.
      I am not sad about it.  It was meant to be.  We completed 301 episodes since March, 2014.  There was a lot of tension on the show the last few weeks and now a mitigating circumstance led to the departure of Jon by his choice.  Don, Albert and I will bring more local politicians and local/regional activists into the mix which will appeal to the Youth/Gen X and millenials.

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