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Thursday, January 5, 2017

I'm not going to cry for anyone

I'll cry for you briefly if you die.
But I'm not going to cry a long time for anyone.
I am done crying.
You chose your path.
You turned your back against the God you never wanted to know.
I can't cry for you.
If my body becomes crippled and slows down enough in a way
I am forced to think.
Then I might cry for you.
I have other outlets.
I have a 12 step meeting and people who are positioned to care.
I have kindergarten kids I watch all day.
I am in a position where I do not want to care for you anymore.
You are drainage on my soul.
Go find yourself in the godless world you have invented
through XBox, Netflix and erroneous friends
Go embellish in those loose trades and carnal desires.
I am so done with you
and will engage in my own passtime rebellions
You strive so hard to be successful
but you are a burden on my soul
You are the prayer
St. Francis never answered
You are the false pride of Baal
you are Satan's handheld toy
you are massively deceived
Stay in the quagmire of electronic creation
God's ax will blow your mindset in two
when he decides to drop it
Then you will snap out of it
Your gutterless insubordination
will be your fate
and you weep at St. Peter's gate
keyless and forlorn
never finding the home you longed for.

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