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Friday, December 30, 2016

20sixteen Twenty16

Overall, I have had a better year.

I worked all year long.
I made about 5 trips to Minneapolis and a few shorter trips.

Loran graduated from high school.  He was certified as a manager of a popular restaurant in August, 2016.

He has a career path and wants to be a cop.

He is starting college in January.
He moved out with his friends on 11/25/16.

I have adjusted well to living alone.  I would like a roommate but because of the long hours I work 12-18 a day, opposite weeks 110 hours, shorter weeks 40, I feel like it would be a security risk being away from the joint so long.

I might get a pot head smoking student or a sex craved man.

Naw, being alone has it's benefits.

I will be moving back to Calif. by 2017 mid year.

the only thing that mega sucked about 2016 was Trump.  He doesn't have the proper background to run a nation of 300 million people.  He doesn't have the intellectual capability or proper vision.  He discounts a lot of Americans that don't fit into his idea of what America should be.

to be continued.....

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