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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Do you recognize your sinful actions? Can you define the existence of God?

The core of spiritual darkness that looms over a person is when they have one stronghold that they cling to that overrules their life that is against the true nature of God.  This kind of person can build on this philosophy with their own version of truisms but at the end of the day they are left in misery and remain in darkness.  Full obedience and repentance of sin is the only way to cleanse one's carnality and turn over one's will to God.  The first step is being willing to change one's way.  I know a person who clings to spiritual darkness and he lashes out on others when things are going poorly for him.  I don't think he even realizes he does it.  In his own mind, he is holding his distance from people.  Others can perceive he is on the brink of emotional shutdown but instead of turning to his closest friends, he tries to punish people in his present for the things he experienced in the past.  In the book, "Healing the Shame that binds you," there is a chapter on grace, guilt and debt collecting.  A person who hates their mother per se, will engage in power struggles with women he perceives as a threat.  A woman who had negative experiences with her father, will attempt to punish men she dates or are involved with on some other personal level.  The debt collector transfer their unresolved childhood anger onto to people they target as a threat.  Instead of stepping back and trying to define the reasons he/she may resent this person, they just use their emotional imbalance as a weapon.

The attached link is not about blaming or debt collecting.  It is about an unlikely debate between two Christians and one adult caller on our show who is unsure of his spiritual identity and was fielding a bunch of questions about God, eternity and destiny.

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