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Friday, April 22, 2016

Memories of Prince

Our episode on Prince, Part II-for other shows --follow my radio link which is embedded into the right side of profile page with the 3 cohosts picture up.  I felt that Jon and I got down to more details, theories about his life and legacy.  I believe Prince had a pure mind the last 5 years of his life.  He was a do gooder and he wanted to spread his joy of God.  Jon is more of cynic about his prescription drug situation which I really don't have inside info on--just speculation.  If you are a Prince fan or voyuer, you will enjoy this episode.

I was strongly impacted by the Life and Death of Prince Rogers Nelson.  I was born in Minnesota and two years  younger than Prince.  He began affecting my life in about 1982 when I heard 1999 during finals week in Mankato in the Spring of 1982.  It was an electrifying feeling.  I enjoyed his hits throughout the 1980s when I was traveling around the U.S. as a Navy wife for 4 years.  When settling in L.A. in 1987, I would still keep tabs on him and his career.  I met a friend at the First Baptist Church of Beverly Hills whom I would say was borderline obsessed with Prince.  He used to blog on and made friends and enemies.  It was to the point where I felt that 75% of his identity was projected or reciprocated from Prince to himself. I learned a lot more about Prince and also realized he was just really into his musical evolution.  I met another BlogTalk Radio host named Chris who was equally a devoted fan.  Those 2 people and a girl named Brandi--we did a special edition on BlogTalk Radio when Michael Jackson died.  I interviewed 2 people outside Jackson's memorial in Encino where his parents lived.   When I was a nanny in San Francisco in 1996 for 4 months, I would walk into record stores.  I was homesick for Minnesota and bought 100% of my Prince collection during this time.   I listened to it in my nanny room and was absorbed with songs like "Sometimes it snows in April."  "7" and many more.  A few years earlier, Ernest and I went to Glam Slam in 1993 hoping to see Prince.  We got there early.  It was kinda a funny day because we dressed in the Mpls. library.  It was hot out and we got there 2 hours before anything significant happened.   In the last month, I was thinking about Prince a lot.  One of my friends, Chris, went to his Paisley Park studio for an evening event.  I kinda had that on my bucket list since I only live 3 hours from Chanhassen now.  He was a Minnesota icon, a true original and unique.  He wasn't a media whore and his music and wisdom spoke for itself.  He should be remembered also for his religious conversion and good works, not his sleazy days of pure sexuality.  He was long past that.

The someone who gave you the Prince shirt that you cut the sleeves off-that someone was me.

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