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Monday, May 2, 2016

Pivotal Election year

We are facing a cataclysmic election year in 2016 which will draw forces of pervasion of men who are greedy with a tainted world vision vs. do gooders who look at their local community and spread the love to each corner as far as they can.  There is a dichotomy in the Christian community in social and political life.  One camp wants to impose moral laws on individuals through the government but have not addressed the causes of sexual permissiveness, poverty and survival on a shoestring budget.  Another Christian group such as my church tries to promote inclusiveness, love, spreading of wealth.  Our church supports the Fair Trade agricultural union around the world, they supplement the poor of our neighborhood, give free breakfasts, etc.  The time we have on earth is short.  It is not about building a legacy but creating a community through service.  The Christian life calls for obedience and sacrifice.  Once we turn our will over to God, we as people can find peace.  It doesn't mean you have to give up your identity or exploration as an artist (if you are).  It just means you can unchain yourself from the deception of capitalism and finding happiness through materialism and acquistion..

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