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Friday, December 18, 2015

Why so many Americans, Black Americans, have to die

Some people wish for a long healthy life.
That's not what I wish for.
I wish to make a fast punch meaningful impact on the world
even if it doesn't penetrate in the gut but only in the long term mind.
My only goal as a child was to be a civil rights leader.
We are in the heightened matrix of a new awakening
There is persecution all around us but people cannot interpret how it re-evolved to the surface.
They are only looking at the symptoms.
Like why a cop shot a man dead in Kentucky for having a blinker out.
Or why a woman died in jail for a minor traffic infraction after being hauled into custody.
Or why a 12 year old named Tamir Rice was gunned down with a toy gun.
Or why guns are so prevalent when words are so much more powerful.
Six months to a year has gone by and I don't remember all the names of people who died unnecessarily.  I have to look back in my archive notes.  Here are some:
Freddie Gray, Jamar Clark, Michael Brown and many more died because American never dealt with the root of racism or police impulsivity.
Look at us now.
Many more dead because of lessons unlearned.

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