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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And this is relevant, why?

Part One.

If you think I care about you, I don't.  I really only care about myself and even my process is blurred.  It's blurred because my vision has been impaired between the swirly grey clouds that keep blocking the sun and the uselessness I feel this time of year.  If you had the illusion you were my friend,  you weren't.  Everyone is disposable in this kingdom and the next one I envision.  I am not your friend.  You just share space with me as a comrade at work.  Why would it take something so easy to piss you off?  You haven't even tested your own loyalties enough to know that it was only one situation that would make you snap.  I could have mounted the rubber band in a linear direction towards your nostrils if I knew you were that easy of a target.  Where is your fucking dignity for Christ's sake?  You are only revealing how shallow you are.  Don't you know that I can easily see through you like torn blinds that have one kink in them?  Who are you to question my sense of authority?  The only purpose you served this evening is to refine my sense of escape.  For me, this place I share with you is off hand passtime, I haven't given it a second thought.  Just don't project your anger on me with your future plans.  I won't even entertain the idea of another conversation you have with your hopes and dreams.  They are all swirling spaceships in your trapped noggen that you can't release anyway.  Don't waste my time.  Verbal commands are the easiest.  My body language will just shrug you off as a no name that I once brushed shoulders with.  Please, give me my space before I permanently forget who you are.

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