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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Perception---for the record. the $22 friendship

btw, I did not make a concerted effort to look up a criminal record.  I just had to type in a name and the PDF was there on a link.  It took 5 seconds of typing.  I dont have to fight to get the last word in, betrayal is made through a pre-chiseled sword.  E was not mad at me for gambling.  He was mad that the BTR payments were a few days late.  The last payment I sent was on 4-24, I believe one day ahead of schedule.  He cut Jon and my episodes off the next day.  I asked PayPal for a refund.  E and Paypal jointly refunded the money on the same day.  I never stalked him.  I called him 2x in March and one was to wish him a happy birthday.  He was not a long suffering friend who had to listen to the fallout from gambling.  I generally told him my ups and downs every 3 weeks.  Aside from name calling from him to me.  I had trust issues.  He once emailed my boss in Calif. to make me look bad.  Why?  Because 10 years earlier, Marguerite and I served him a civil judgment hearing in the Mall of America?  Was it because I took a side?  Nothing I ever did in the friendship was wrong.  It was just something he did not like.  If I had rang up $1100 in phone bills to one of his friends the way he did to me, he would have more than cut me off.  I rescued the friendship in around 2008 (can't remember now) because I thought as a Christian and relative of a church member, he deserved another chance.  Mind you, he never ever once repented for ripping 2 people off, one being my sister.  I don't know what to say now.  Its like looking at fungus or dead ivy on a tree.  I have turned it over to my higher power.  The one thing I can say is, I won two battles in the last few weeks.  No one can win the war of his soul.  Only he can surrender to his pride.  

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