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Friday, August 29, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season 3

Thoughts on Episodes 17, 18, 19 and 20-23

Paige seems like she has something up her sleeve.  Could she have been involved with foul play at Ali's grave the night Emily was drugged?

Caleb has a hardened heart and no woman may win him over.

Episode18 revealed why Toby still had it out for the A listers or posse.

Spencer is losing her mind.  She tries to seduce Debate Leader with strip trivia.

Mona is an idiot.   She had no business going back to the shrink's office after she trashed it in Season 2.
You also can't get smart overnight.  She had to memorize 3 years of AP class notes to beat Spencer at debate.

Meredith Sorenson is two drinks short of a six pack.  First Aria's dad seems involved with Ali's murder.   Now Wilden is...from cop force.

Ezra has more skeleton's in his closet than Mona's Halloween wardrobe.  His brother creeps me out a little.  He has an agenda.

Lucas is becoming more sincere and transparent

After Alison gets reburied in a mausoleum things get interesting.

Spencer's acting was bad when she cried outside Toby's aptmt.  When she gets in the looney bin, she improves.

The show is starting to get like Desperate Housewives - one person is practically dying per episode.  Accelerated drama not good.

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