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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My little talked about marriage that ended 17 years ago

Is being married 10 years a long time? I think when you get married at 23 and make it to 33, it is. Craig and I had an often tumultuous marriage but interest wise, we were perfectly right for eachother. We were both history buffs, academians, not out for pleasure seeking and could mold a life together peacefully. We started our life together in Norfolk, Virginia, when he was in the Navy. We had one car and I used to drive him to work at 630 a.m. It was about 9 miles round trip. Later on, we bought two mopeds that were stolen within a one year period. The suspects were caught and I was required to testify in the hearing. I think I am rambling now. I think I am getting away from the gist of this testimonial blog. I am doing a radio show tomorrow on and I will be sharing some of the hardships I have had in recent years regarding overcoming memories of my first husband, death of my daughter on Christmas Day 1992 from a failed heart transplant and the next several years of my life including the birth of my son in 1998. More powerfully, is that time and distance does heal things for the most part but as you get older, some situations and memories creep back in. Those experiences can be soul stirring. Craig was a good, reliable, stoic husband. But that fact of the matter was, we never emotionally melded or meshed. After our 20 month old daughter died in 1992, we became more emotionally splintered and whatever residue of love we had for each other, died. I had cheated on him in 1985-6 with another man and became pregnant with the other man's child. I lost that child at 26 weeks, consider a stillborn. By the time I got pg with Alexis 4 yrs later, things were better btwn us but Craig told me on the advent of our divorce that he had never forgiven me for that behavior even though he agreed to raise the other man's child, who happened to be of another race. I was going to doing a blog of emotional watershed but now things have changed and my son just got home from a party. God bless all who reads this and listens to my show Sunday at 5 p.m. Pacific time, which is Tomorrow April 17, 2011. The call in number is 347-989-1942 and the show's topic is spiritual reclamation and forgiveness and finding God/Jesus.

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