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Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Grad was a Project but not a Numbers game..

Buying in2 Satan's lies.
Dying son.
Grief, Anger, Despair
I have an idea? Lets blame God, then I can put myself on a throne and feel victimized
and punish people who don't submit to me.
Once a good boss, now a control freak
Ray plugs his ears when she is around
People laugh at her auto timers to start and stop after school activities
admin thinks she is a partial genius
others, a slave driver
She was queen of the pancake breakfast
but could never win Mr. Balderas over
he was hot
and Jaz-freak was all up in the man
her marriage sucked
so don't disguise your traditional values
be real, bitch
you were fucking him
Sandra, don't lie
you know Liz alienated you
the meek shall not inherit the work place
Ivan, the only true one
good to the core
did his job
played no superiority games
Melinda, the psycho
who lived on a boat
and had random lovers
Francisco hated her
with good reason
it was an ugly place to be in the last six months

only 2 decent math teachers
the rest was a numbers game
get the kids to pass the test.
when it was over and done
even Nona Matacordova defected
to Ukranian hinterland
the bullshit thickened
there were no survivors
Elizabeth's athiest assault on God

her son was the casualty and
the dead rose anyway
but not before Christ
but then again,
she was never alive,
she chose her destiny
even before motherhood
Satan means death
she inherited sorrow
from his grafted mind
and lived a life of torturous seclusion
skipping the cancer ward
to go to Laemelle's

Self Exaltation.
"Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatever a man sews, so shall he reap."

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  1. This was a poem about my boss whose son had cancer at age 4 and she put the whole burden on her husband and avoided life by going to movies.