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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Devotion divided

tears of money flowing from her soul less cheeks
relatives resurfaced
we are all rich in different places
still un-united
divided like the Enron defectors
divided by lack of devotion
Judy, with her pervasive library skills
Andrew, defecting as a child
Judy, with her Russian Gulag style parenting
Emily, a dutiful mom
me, a captive of work ethic
Nancy, broken down by the System
exalted by her IRAs and trust in Corporate banking
pleading for loyalty
but crying by her own self betrayal
Joan in her self righteousness and amusement of sinners
Steve in left field
been there for sometime
Prozac happy
me, sober but defiant
loyal to the city that defiles me
only Tony and the church
has redeemed me
while Jesus waits in Exile
waiting for Judas Iscariot's unpaid loan interest.

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