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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Church Beware/Writers Beware

Story Confirmed. I was researching a topic for my radio show and decided to do it on Church dissension and those who create it. I myself was once involved in a church scandal that was short lived where I felt I was duped by the charismatic leader, although not the Pastor. I remember that between 1995-99, there was a church member who was from the East Coast, business driven and always in promotions. He had recently been hired to do a promotion on a theatrical play and I rode along with him to the play where he could discuss his strategy with the playwright. He seemed to be in a whirlwind and basically confused about how to promote it....aka inexperienced. I didn't know if the playwright picked it up. This was my first impression of him as my twin sister introduced me to him. Around 1998-99, my friend KC, got engaged to the Pastor's daughter. I found out during that timespan that Mr. Promotion had "raped" the daughter at a party where she was slightly buzzed. She was kind of the prodigal daughter and got in "trouble" from time to time. She was at least 25 at this time and had a young boy. This scandal never made it to the surface besides a handful of church members and I don't even know if the daughter ever told her preacher dad. I decided to do my radio show on church scandals and approached Mr. Promotion on the topic & questioned his involvement with the rape. I know this was a dangerous thing to do 12 yrs later but I did. Not only did he freak out, he told my sister he would sue me. Before I got this news, three days after my first inquiry, I had already decided to change the topic of my show to another one. I didn't want to dredge up old sins and controversy with real life people. The point is, he used his sales techniques on my sister to make me look like the bad guy. Needless to say, there are some people who are dangerous to deal with. I included a post link to his former company to show just how shady he is.

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