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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One sided endorsements

Dear DNT: you need a pair of Jesus sunglasses-thru the lens of compassion.
The definition of dirty politics; Putting something in to make someone look bad or leaving something out about one's life on purpose because facts would prove their competency. So today I got nixed by the DNT and actually, my situation was mild compared to another friend of mine running. The paper said I am not experienced enough. Ha Ha Ha. The fact of the matter is at age 54, I have had more experience and jobs than all 3 candidates combined. I have been a civil rights leader, a park ranger, a public housing manager, a postal delivery clerk, a Census surveyor, a bookkeeper,a teacher, a credit and collections clerk, a secretary for the Dept of Defense, a fast pass seller at Six Flags magic Mountain, a CNA, a behavior specialist, a driver, an acting coach,a blogger, an editorial assistant, a columnist, a playwright, a novelist, an award winning poet, a state champion and (something they forgot) ...a mother. I was a mother of 2 special needs children. One died. I have enuff experience to be on the school board. My friend, Alanna, was also put aside by the same newspaper. They said she would create conflict. The only reason this was said, I believe, is because Harry Welty is suppporting her. While he emphasizes her strengths on his blog, the DNT is trying to predict alliances of whom we will be friends with if elected. This is a dangerous business. I am under the protection of Jesus Christ and God's providence will dictate the election. Not the good ole boys network which included 4 existing school board members tonight who openly endorsed another candidate in my District. But like Michael Moore states in Fahrenheit 911 "The powers that be can take a lot away, but they cannot take away - One man, one vote." The public is the candidate domain. I am disappointed in the DNT because I was former contributor and always treated well. I am still treated okay with an occasional stinging singe, but I have fallen off the throne and am no longer a golden child. It hurts when newspapers distort facts and make up lies about people. No one wants to cause division. No one. Not even the people some editorial board members may perceive to want to inflict harm. I have seen Loren openly criticize C.F. so I can understand if C.F. will fight back but I have always been loyal to those in authority at the Reader and DNT to a fault and I deserve the respect back. Apparently I got that by not being "totally dissed" but Alanna did not deserve to have negative things said about her character which are simple falsehoods. Apologize or retract NOW.

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