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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The matter is settled

I feel like Friday's incident at work got the best of me, too.  It led me to tears because of the long working day.  The tears fell down my face at Visionworld while I was waiting for Loran's glasses.  I worked it out with Paul's aunt today at work and we came to an understanding.  She can see that I am a decent, caring person and whatever happened 15 years ago was important but now immaterial.  Paul and I did go after eachother's throats after the break up.  I jacked the car back I sold him because he was too dumb to transfer the title but later gave him another car.  He is just a baby, he never worked out the issues.  In my long term opinion, he went from Karla to me to Kim to Tonette.  He never healed over any situation.  He just got more desparate and persistent.  I truly hope he gets what he wants from life - a woman totally dedicated to him so he will never have to feel insecure again.  I am not the type to pamper and cajole men.  I want someone independent and strong.  Paul, you are past tense.  so why are you still fighting the battle?  Turn it over to God.  God will heal you of the past.

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