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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hollow Life - Son of David Cursed

His vision
blurred between horizontal lines
fact and fiction
distinguished by faith
in self
the carnal lines
traced through his veins
termite endings of capitulation
seeds of Satan
inside his stormy blood
of non David lineage
The Son of David
erased from his heritage
Catholic roots
Italian mercernary blended
with Irish drought
the death of Christ
in his mind
equivalent to Family Guy
and mimicky cartoons
never developed
split conscience
pierced side
not penetrating
destined to hell
by laughable jokes
inside the carnage of his mind
benign substance
seedy thoughts
arrogant grief
a fool's pride
the psalmist
wrote about him ieons before
in a fake age
before electrical plugs
and phony outlets
and now he sees his passage downstream
an over-riding boat of memory
and unanswered prayers
rotted flesh
fills the river
and his sins aren't washed
his limbs turns to limestone
and his future is finite
inside Satan's temporary watchtower.

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