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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Muslim disciple vs. Christian crucifixtion

He didnt say follow me

But he got down on his knees

to pray

and then made love to me

He said he was a passive Muslim

he loosely followed customs

until I became one of his custom-made disciples

when I became his submissive wife

he turned the knife

and discounted Jesus

said he didn't understand the Holy Trinity

like it was his to conceive?

A Muslim can't see a Christian from the outside

or feel the holy, bloody raiment of Christ

who for our sins has died

he is the center of our universe

he is the feeder of our soul

He is our Holy Comforter

at about a time when I shoulda been letting go

of my holy dedication to Allah's wisdom

I held you from a distance

but embraced you fully

cross breeding with a Muslim

creates more than fate

a time of loyalty divided by dual hate

What part of my heart should I give

the nail, the heart or my lips of confession

that will collide your rule based incision

that forms a blood stained implantation upon my heart

crucifies my inner soul

forces a new start

forging a question followed by confession of

split mind dimensions

re-questions the loyalty I have already given

doesn't provide a layer of comfort for my

intended dedication

Your perspective is jaded

Christ surrounds you

do you know his source of love?

the lineage of David, the house of David

seering the truth bending organs within you.

(When you fall from God and find your way back, you can be healed)  Listen to my radio show on God's direction for your life.

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