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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jayhun, who are you?

Six months down the pike

and you gunna tell me wrong from right?

When its my own conscience you wanna spite?

I've been to the Holy Grail

whose cross will you put the nail?

through my arm or my wrist,

or my heart you like to twist?

Pragmatic in your mind

Is your logic praytell kind

to provide a source of healing

or a lifestyle that is revealing

the Muslim can fornicate

then dissipate

and pro-create a wedge of bitterness

of giving your body then retreating

 leaving my heart drenched, bleeding 

There is no redemption unless you give full repentence

Saying I am sorry is an obscure horizon

of random arrows darting across your pre-conceived universe

that caused me to be cursed

and only worse

if I could unhinge my love for you

and feel the bitter stale of your words

reach my throat

I could fully hold back my tears.

signed Jane


Jane and James 9/2/11-8/13/12

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