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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Break free

Truth transcendent over ages of time
claiming through reason
something divine
Look inward, angel tell me your jaded truths
the ones that hold the jack iron and lines that were misconstrued
the loftiness of the cool breeze collapses my inner weaknesses
and brings me to my knees the peace dove dropped bloated in space
erasing the tears and memories you inherently traced
eternal passages minueted over wrinkled diary pages
the inner veins of trees on a
blood-let ancestral street
to find out your high school nemesis keeps kicking up the dirt

hired by the top ranked leader
She claimed Rowena for her own on her mail order Schwinn bike
there was just no one else around to tolerate your garden variety bland neptune spice
hold me back in ages
don't defy the lamb
look for purer pastures
the unknown place unwarranted that comforts the damned ..........

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