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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Infamous love affairs

I had a love affair with Branden of the Marks family who own Western Costume Company.
It was a torrid love affair that lasted 2.5 years. I have not de-virginized my blogger wall with his name or presence.

From November 2010 to January 2011 I was in love with Larry E. of KABC. We talked 92 days straight on FB. Now we are just friends. I brought him flowers to his dad's funeral/visitation. Six red stemmed roses and Six white stemmed roses in a nice vase.

I have had a Ukranian lover in 2006 or 07, a Mexican a la guapo in 2003-2006 and a few stragglers like Fred Varni an Armenian whose wife left him for her son's 1st grade teacher. It was about 2 months long b/c Fred was in pain emotionally and I was the rebound chick.

The Ukranian I tried to reform. Around 2008, I visited him again and he seemed short, full of scars and weak minded.
The only worthy men who came in my life in recent years were Josh from church and Tim from Telefund. Tim and I are great friends but no romance. Josh, I'm romantically interested in but he is 30 and I'm 50. There goes that. Age, circumstances and agendas take romance in different directions.
I also met Edison, a Brazillian swimmer, who was selfish and demanding. He was a good kisser but far too controlling. We never had sex.
I have been celebate since Aug. 10, 2009. I am waiting on Jesus now.

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