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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Larry can be bad all by himself..he doesn't need my savior complex

It doesn't make it right, it doesn't make it complete, it just naturally played out. That daring temptation called the send box did me in. I want to preface this blog entry by saying "Love is not like sports. The more you push, the faster you ruin it." In my senior year of h.s. going into my Freshman year at LaCrosse, Wisconsin in Cross Country I did a work out regime. 4 5 6 4 5 6 up to 8 9 10 8 9 10 Mon-Saturday. That means I would run 4 miles Monday, 5 miles Tues, 6 Miles Wed and repeat the number pattern Thurs. - Sat. By the time I got to LaX, Wisc. on 8/25/78, I had mono-nucleosis. I didn't have a running regime that would ultimately strengthen me. I had one that broke my body down. I did re join the c.c. season half way and was the number 1 finisher for my team at regions. All I have to say is that I did temper my love ambition with Larry in a non-rhythmic manner. I pushed and pushed and pushed till I annoyed him. And trust me, when he turns ugly, you don't want nobody around. Arrogance comes second hand to him. After all, he spends about 1/2 of his on air time bashing Obama, Michael Moore and others. But there is that certain moment when you know the rubber meets the road and an idealist cannot enlighten a self assured, narrow minded Libertarian. I tried to do just that. I told Larry....don't gloss over the fact that Bush and Cheney did water torture for the very reason the Al Qaeda were non state actors therefore less human in their eyes. Forget habeas corpus. Forget the fact the Cubans don't want a bunch of non Spanish speaking Afghans around their banana shaped island. No matter how he elevates the fact the Swiss wanted Bush's hide if he traveled to Europe ain't gunna pretty it up. And since his is a lawyer, why the fuck are you defending a president who went to such lengths to persecute the Al Qaeda when it was our own nation who didn't have the defense plans in place to prevent 911? Yes, I am going to go there. TORTURE IS NEVER JUSTIFIED and no matter how you play your hand, your card deck is going to come up TWO JOKERS. I am not blaming 911 on the U.S. I am just saying, a group of terrorists who thought we were a self indulgent nation caught up in our own day to day agenda was not ample enough to prevent subtle warnings and signs for 911 to occur. The Al Qaeda trumped us because we were caught unaware in our own post modern love affair with ourselves. Yes, Bush did go to war and picked a nation such as Iraq who were unrelated to the terror events of 911 so to speak. Even though Iraq harbored Muslim extremists, Bush did not have a legitimate implementation plan to carry out transitional democracy. So by my polite warning, you didn't have to shut me out with your abrupt response. It just forces me to conclude ---why am I even paying attention to someone who has a specific agenda to make the dems look bad and re-write history? So I greatly receded today and only chuckled at a few socially related jokes on his on air show today between student teaching and my real job. And that's all this whole thing really was. I got an inside glimpse for 82 days how a talk show host thinks. He lightly regarded some of my input but probably kept in the back wire of his brain. To be a true intellectual you have to dissect the facts, not just modify them to your conclusions. I ain't gunna kiss your ass anymo' L.E. You too busy looking for people to do it pure and dumbfounded like. I am tired of the whole thing. And I guess that makes me an angry white woman. Because I can do better than have to be disappointed by you one more time. (By the way on your new book, race is never a factor in L.A. There are over 300 ethnic groups)....Go East about 2500 miles.

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  1. Someone who limits or compromises your ideals is actualy dangerous. (Conclusion)