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Sunday, January 16, 2011

do you care/because I don't....

He was a surreal as the fading sun over a backdrop of a building. There for a moment, then transformed to a gentle breeze pirouetted into a brazen Santa Anna that came down like a tunnel from a weary ghost that had no other trail to follow. Was there a knuckle bender that gravitated toward my head that said, "Dont fall in love with a public figure?" How could I define this obscure renegade that entered my life through a dare, held along with cresscendo'ed dialogue that turned into temptuous brush fire, only to be put out like the dim lights of no reply so a peak love interest could not answer my faded echoes? I, a Dark Swan, in his radiant bounty, searching for an inroad to comfort his inner inner healer to his morning sherade, a war on words and intellect that could only untangle him to code light destiny and that the church that could bear his name? His preconditoned lips signed off on a curious mantle of archaic belief and status quo injections. Oh, How I'd like to take him back down to the barrio and strip his inner being and make love to him on the 20th yard line of indefinition. Take me, strip your Ivy from your asphalt and play me down in words and see me naked, with my nipples sparkling agst. your forbidden lust. I, white ivory, into your dark orifice of conscience, bending down to your phallic archery and non identity between two worlds, where the little man scoffs you and the white status quo stands back and admires your acquiescence to their perpetual brain-washing.

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