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Monday, May 21, 2018

North Korean episode and primary source from South Korea interviewed on Radio

My friend, Wade, whom I have known since 2000, was a spccial guest on my radio show tonight.  We were very close friends from 2000-2004.  We were roommates with eachother and 3 other friends in Panorama City.  It was a good time in my life.  Loran was only ages 4-6 during this time (2002-2004) while we lived with him.  

He lived in South Korea 9 years and taught at a university there.  He spoke of cultural exposure to the South Korean culture.  I asked him to be on the show due to his proximity to North Korean and his perspective living in South Korea.

Our discussion also evolved to immigration, Aaron Schlossberg's outburst that went viral.  We discussed charter schools, choices, teaching English to foreign transplants in K-12 and more.

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