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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Why justify yourself to an enemy? ELS IV??

I am not looking for you to justify your existence or refute my blog.  I was saying that you are a person who promotes living a best life and doing well to others yet you have condemned other's shortcomings and actions.  The purpose for my entry over a month ago was the how I would handle the release of your book.

Therefore, you don't have to justify to me by what financial means you live by.  I was only trying to point out we come from a different set of standards.  I have a stronger work ethic than either of my parents, my biological strain rose from work ethic to workaholism, however unhealthy that may be.

No one is telling you not to live your conception of your best life. I am hoping you have made forward gains in your contentedness. What I was expressing was the potential ridicule I would have received from buying your book.

We all answer to God.  My 12 step meeting allowed me to work through my issues, and confront those I have harmed.  You have harmed me in the past but it is just a remote event from another time.  My radio show is booming and I don't need you anymore.  Yes, I did probably try and force you to look at yourself and see why you cut people off like a snapped family blood pipeline but that's on you.  There is no way back now and you can read this if you want, but it won't end in resolution.

You would just email or scream at me or brag how you blocked everything.  That proves you are inauthentic and still intending to produce harm.

Honestly, If I retain anything, it is anger for ever trusting you twice.

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