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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Tune in to our radio broadcast

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We discuss the troubled, misguided world of Project Veritas.  They think by contriving incidents of false representation of scandal that they can effectively alter the news to a more truthful mindset of integrity.  How is that possible by acting out of deception?  What caught my attention was how supposedly Donald Trump funded Project Veritas with $20,000 to document videos of protests of his inauguration.  Then he influenced police authorities to exaggerate arrest claims of protesters over property damage.  This is an organization that has been capable of posing as a fake Muslim charity at NPR, provoking mosque members to publicly align with ISIS, trying to bribe David Letterman, and recently have a poser sexual victim claim that Roy Moore assaulted her as a minor and impregnated her.  Tune into this episode.  It also discusses the bravery of Daniel Ellsberg and going public with the Pentagon Papers in the NY Times.  We also discuss the unnecessary, tragic death of Daniel Shaver.

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