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Friday, March 18, 2016

Unusual week

This has been an unusual week indeed.  I can't even remember Monday now but I believe Sunday was in the 50s.  On Tuesday, I did my driving job and it poured buckets of rain the whole day while I drove over 60 miles.  I drove an 84 plus lady with a debilitating disease home in which she mentioned that her church had been sending people to her home to visit that only asked her what she would do with her stuff when she died.  This happened 3-4 x in a row and she asked them to stop coming.  I am thinking of letting her pastor know since she has been a member 78 years.  It wasn't our church, that's for sure.  

On Wednesday, I was supposed to start a new job in education but we had our first snow day of the year and school was cancelled.  Mind you, it's March 16th and that being our first snow day of the year was more than strange.

I started my new job on Thursday, March 17th.  I forgot to wear green.  I was only worried about getting there on time and looking properly dressed.  I enjoyed the day thoroughly and loved every minute of it.

Today is Friday.  I survived the week.  I am on my lunch break and enjoy my job more and more.  Things have run smoothly and the students are nice.  

I have strongly limited watching air time on major news networks who fail to cover the presidential candidates equivalently.  I would say equally but there is no way that Kasich will get as much TV time as let's say, Trump.  CNN did something special last night.  They played an ad from a private citizen who produced a TV ad on why it was crazy to vote for Barry Goldwater in 1964.  He repudiated that there is no way he would vote for someone who was going to hijack the party and align with hate groups.   Here we are again 52 year later in the same boat.  Listen to the coverage of my radio show as we examine all the elements of executive decision making over the last 12 years.  We are in a cycle of American democracy that could produce a civil war.  If you want to hear more, tune into my radio page.  The link is on the Israeli flag on my blogger page, WHICH IS THIS PAGE.

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