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Monday, January 25, 2016


Statement:  Certain people are obsessed with me.  I am what defines them.  Whether I am present or absent in their lives, they are obsessed with what I do.  Right now, I am not focused on you or the past.  So stop stalking me.  I am working on a screenplay I started in 1991 and I will finish.  I have written 3 pages this week.  I am in recovery and any attempt you make to remind me of my past life will be ignored.  This blog is where I release it- so if you want to gain insight, start here.  Since you are so interested in everything I do, I know you will read each word.  Chew on it awhile and try to gather it's spiritual meaning.  It all comes down to that.

This review from Yelp is a reminder to me of the hell I experienced at FDL...


Dont ever ever under any circumstance set foot or walk past the fon du luth casino unless you are looking for meth,a trick, or to get raped.

I'm going to give you the short version of my experience there since I really have no intrest in re living that night.

Walk in, smell smoke( found out its the only place in MN you can smoke?),guard checking ids is twitching, old 70lb lady comes creeping in and then darts out the door before the cop could get her, saw a drug deal go down, Had some lady tug on my pink hair in the bathroom to check that it was real after asking " HEY WHERE'D YOU GET THAT HAIR?", saw a cop escorting a lady out while telling her she cant have a knife in here and her replying well its not like its a butchers knife and him then questioning himself and asks well how bigs the

At that point we slowly moved towards the door and ran to the car!

-Review of downtown casino in Duluth (not written by me)

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