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Sunday, April 19, 2015

I won, victory over my accuser.

I won the PayPal dispute but the real victory is that I don't have to name call, badger or inflict harm on another person.  Writing 2 goodbye letters in an 8 month period is not considered being a stalker.  In fact, you did not respond to either Jon or my last email from BTR in August, 2014.  You never said do not contact, you just disappeared.  The only reason I had to contact you after that is to request you put the 200 plus episodes back on your BTR webpage which BTR had to manually do and it took them 24 hours total.  I don't need to win the argument or the friendship back.  I just need to point out you did not choose a rational form of communication.  You just name called and swore.  You don't go to church, you are not involved in a Christian fellowship, you continue in a self involved selfish lifestyle.  You don't earn money or contribute to Brian's household.  You are what is known as a MOOCH.  You always have been and will be and you turn on people who try and help you.  Mooch is not a swear word.  It's just an accurate description of you.  And you should get legally punished for not signing up for Obamacare.  When you go to the hospital someday for an impending illness, you will be S.O.L.  Then the world of anarchy cannot save you.

This is for Marguerite and Joan who recouped their phone bill money after 20 plus years. Maybe PayPal put your balance back to zero from -$500.  Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Get a job yourself......I don't have to create a fantasy vlog about an otherwise non exciting life. There is no more bones to pick but 20 years ago, the church and my family forgave you for taking our money.  The only one who did not forgive you was Uncle Paul.  And he still has not until this day.  You said on the air on radio you never were once sorry for causing Marguerite a $1300 debt.  You were overpaid for BTR services and I did make a claim for a refund.  I am not bitter either.  I know when someone leaves without giving an explanation that it wasn't worth it.  For me, I held on to what is dear to me which was my true friends.  I've seen you walk away fact you do it all the time.  No big deal, huh?

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