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Friday, April 10, 2015

As I knew him

I am writing a self autobiographical memoir/possibly novel.  I just don't know what period of my life I will begin.

For now, I'll call him Holden.  He never reached his peak as far as looks but he once looked liked Elvis.  That first moment of crisis, his parent's divorce, was more than a self realization.  It was the fact they could no longer love each other and possibly not another human being.  It happened at a time when people didn't divorce much.  It was the Bible belt, after all.  He had come from a preachin' family and it was bad publicity.  His mother, who cornered the market on fashion, was perceived as a doting or perhaps, douty wife.  Yet she was feisty and non subservient.  The father was driven away by his own sexual desires.  It was no one's fault....but his.   Years later, he never really apologized for it.

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