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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lofty words cannot redeem a person entirely.

Quoatable quotes may feed you but it does not help a person evolve.  This blog is my aura of catharticness.  People have tried in vein to gently step over your eggshells.  I don't want a showdown, just be truthful to yourself.  You have treated people badly for years, I mean years.  You haven't repented for ANYTHING bad you have done.   Its not my cross to bear.   Yet, there comes a point when a person must become humble and face their victories and failures.  They don't get defensive when a friend inquires gently why they haven't worked more than 1 month in ten years.  If a friend is trying to help, they accept the guidance.  They aren't always on the defense in fear of what someone else might say that counters their lifestyle.  I can't hide behind lies.  I don't want to.  I want to get it out in the open.   Yet at least admit that you betray most people.  You axed Billy Brooke, Brandy, Marguerite, and many more.  If someone came into your home and spent $1,200 on Brian's long distance bill and never offered to pay or even ask for an apology, you would be angry, too.  Some people just want an apology.  And not feel a sense of betrayal for loyalty.  My sins are my own.  I will admit them to myself and close friends.  And I will try and move on.  You were angry at me for lack of approval but not because I did anything to you.  You just wanted your 20.00 on time.  That's all you wanted, really.  Someone to go half and half on your enterprise.

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