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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Irritating subtleties in friendship.......

So I don't go online all the time. I don't often have the time or energy to blog.  This week, a strange turn of events occurred that shifted my feelings toward a certain area in my life.   Its something I don't try to think about too often, but it flares up in times of deep conflict.  I was watching a show on VH1 called "CrazySexyCool: the TLC story."  I wsa texting one of my best friends on and off throughout the movie.  At the end, I got emotional, because the original singers of the group came on an it showed them recording a studio record.  I called my friend at 11:30 p.m. his time.  I let it ring 3x and hung up.  He got bent out of shape about it.  He said I violated a house rule.  But what was worse, is he spoke derrogatory to me over the next few days.  He said I was assuming things about him or analyzing him.  He also said, "Find yourself a husband to discuss things with, ...don't call me late at night...."  That's just a dumb emotional I was supposed to conjure up a husband at midnight becuz my very gay friend was indisposed?  The fact is, if one of his anarchist buddies dialed him up after his "little house rule" he would have gladly answered it.  I mean, how often does a movie come on about my all time favorite group in which one of them died tragically.  I guess he expected me to discuss the protocol beforehand on what times to call.  He claims in his following radio show broadcast that he has told me to text him and he would call me back in times like these but at that moment, I didn't think of it....I confronted him a few days later on some other issues and instead of acknowledging specifically what I said, he said I was just looking to reignite conflict or seeking attention which is totally ridiculous b/c it was about a radio matter that required serious attention.  We are partners on the same network and we split the costs.  There were other pending issues and he simply deflated them with standoffish excuses.  Well, I have run out of energy and have to go to work soon.  That's why I don't blog every day and when I do, I certainly do not want to blog about trivial crap.  I have been with the radio network with him 3 years and it would be sad to leave, but his political vitreal has gotten too off the radar.  I am an Obama supporter and faithful to government service.  I do not want to misrepresent myself by being aligned to someone I think is not on target philosophically.

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