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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life as Is....

I've been sad lately but don't know why.  I think it might be over-tiredness, non usefulness of my free time.  Being productive has its benefits, finding satisfaction in free time is genuine.  These are the things I like to do: watch Nancy Drew walkthroughs on Arglefumph, watch Netflix movies, write notes for my novel; hang out with Loran, my son, and his friend, Zaxie, who is visiting for the summer.  Sightseeing and looking at new streets in Duluth, church.

I feel like work is good but the energy I export to my job is weighing me down.  I have nights off this week and it is half relief, half disdain.  I have to go run more errands at night because I have two teenage boys to feed.  Now I am too tired to write anymore.

RiP James Gandolfini.

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