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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grandma's Marathon

My college friend came up to run Grandma's Marathon.  He was a premier distance runner for Burnsville from 1975-1978.  His best marathon time is 2:23.  Now hie is 53 and ran a 3:19 today in 48 degree weather with high winds.  The course record was broken by an Ethiopian at 2:11.  His name was Bazu.  Second and third for men were Kenyan.  I felt nostalgic for someone from my college days come to Duluth.  Another former running pal from LaX and the Twin Cities who also ran for Burnsville was up here in November.  So far, I have to say my Minnesota male friends are more reliable than my White Bear Lake h.s. friends and college friends.  It takes an effort to come to Duluth in a year in which the weather has been virtually terrible.  Its June and the thermometer reads 48.  The high never got to 57 as predicted.

I hope Jim is proud of himself, running in his fifties and completing the marathon course.  I gotta go get the pizza I ordered.  Below: Jim, the runner with my son's friend, Zaxie.

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