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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Confirmation and Explanation of what went wrong with Darrell and me

New International Version (©2011)

But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.

New Living Translation (©2007)
But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.

Matthew 10:33

A lot of people have been checking my Facebook post of my conversation with Darrell Redleaf which is not actually his true name but stage name.  I made it public because we were once friends under a common cause that was entertainment and promoting Native American material in the industry.  When I first got to Hollywood, I became successful due to the material I was choosing, I had no idea "Dances with Wolves" would be a hit that year.  I entered a one act play contest and chose to write about Ojibwe or Chippewa Indians in Northern Minnesota because I had an affinity to Native Americans due to my compassion for the Europeans decimating their life.  My dad used to tell me they had a certain kind of grace about them the way the moved and were kinetic with the earth.  I met a novice actor named Darrell who was just getting into the business.  He did a bit part in one movie.  I had 2 other professional actors in my play, and Darrell joined late because Joseph Runningfox dropped out.  Darrell was very gifted and added a lot to the play.  We produced the play three time in 1990.  One time Continental Cablevision produced it under "Playhouse 1990s." Darrell met one of the producers in his apartment complex and due to Darrell's efforts, we got on the public access cable channel with our play.  I never had one bad experience with Darrell in all the time I knew him.  Years later, maybe 19 years later in 2009 or 2010, I was leaving for Riverside County on Good Friday Holy weekend and Darrell started  IMing me about a movie called Zeitgeist.  I guess its some movie discounting the validity of Christ's savior image or true God.  Mary from Canada, a childhood friend I hadn't spoken to in 20 plus years was also IMing me.  I was short on time.  I told Darrell I would get back to him, I was leaving for out of town.  Darrell abruptly dropped me on Facebook and I don't think he blocked me but was rude.  I didn't tell him, I never plan to watch the movie or your are infringing on my beliefs.  I just told him it was Good Friday and I was headed out to visit someone.  I felt all the hatred he had for organized religion was directed to me just because I happened to be a lifelong Christian.   My experience in the last ten years with some highly successful people in which he is (a hairdresser for Hollywood stars), is that he doesn't have the patience or humility to deal with ordinary people.  I am not high up on the food chain in Hollywood, I had a one hit wonder with my play.  I didn't purse entertainment after my daughter died.  I am not calling Darrell to forgive me and make amends.  I hope he checks this page.  I want to tell him, I respect him for his beliefs but don't be so close minded that you don't think the church have never done any good in the world or Christian believers as individuals.  You haven't looked into the true faith or nature of the religion fully to understand the complexity of the savior-forgivness, eternal love vs. condemnation.  Often times. Christianity is rule driven, but the wisdom, growth and faith of following Christ is what drives life to fullness and glory.

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