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Monday, May 27, 2013

Disturbances in the Night...and YouTube University

What am I doing eating Spinach lentils in the middle of the night?  Lentils is a poor man's diet no matter how you cut the cheese.  I bragged to my friend, Ernest, about how I bought gourmet style food at the Whole Foods Co-op and then I tasted the wretched thing.  Lentils + anything is not the shit...its shit.  I didn't think spinach could do me wrong, but it did.  Lentils even took the taste away from spinach, my most favorite vegetable. What else have I been doing this weekend?  I have avoid the casino for good now....its a turbulent scene when I go and I always regret it.  The dingy carpet, the staring hollow eyed employees, the insulting dealers, Oak - who grovels at me for money....since my big 1900.00 win via lotto, I don't need it anymore.  I have $265 stuffed in my wallet for a rainy day and I refuse to spend it.

I learned how to brush my teeth with baking soda and lime.  A cool, Black British chick who gives beauty tips taught me.  I can learn anything on YouTube from Peter Bergen's Manhunt book about terrorism search and capture to beauty techniques to recently learning how to diffuse an abcessed tooth.  I went to Walgreens and bought zinc tablets which are really a substitute for anti-biotics.  Zinc is an immune enhancer which stimulates protection for your immune system.  I took it to reduce the size of the swelling surrounding my abcessed tooth.  It was a holiday weekend and I can't find a dentist in that situation as I have not inquired into dentists yet since moving here.  I have insurance but the website did not lead me to a list effectively even after I punched in my zip code or address.  A man on yahoo answers or somewhere like that said to put wet tobacco leaves on your gums. He was in the wilderness when he got an abcessed tooth and ran into some Native Americans and they gave him that advice plus I think they supplied him with the damp tobacco.  Well, I can't exactly find tobacco leaves in my backyard (even though I stripped tobacco in a tobacco house once in Wisconsin) so I opted for taking Zinc.  I also took Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and it worked.  My tooth is healing on its own, professional medical free w/o cost.

I am now tired and going back to bed.  I made homemade chicken rice soup to alter the taste of spinach lentils which I will mix in the morning.  I will give my picky son the chicken rice soup by itself and mix my own with Spinach lentils.  Then I will live up to my mother's frugalness of not tossing something out or wasting something unnecessarily.  I have achieved one thing this weekend, serenity outside the casino and squelching the desire to go back.  It is a compromised place with people who have jaded perspectives and my reputation of frequenting the place has downgraded my spirit.

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