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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Debate on Israeli aggression.....or aggression toward other's religion?

This type of bickering is one step above most debates on YouTube.  People get real nitty gritty when it comes to regional hegemony, religion and even self-righteousness.
  • Israel is now terrorizing Syria, a sovereign nation that has not attacked anyone. The U.S. is supporting terrorists and giving them weapons in Syria. Absolutely insane.
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    • Andrea  SOS.
    • Patrick  I guess it's okay because they're "gods chosen thugs".
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    • Tina  If we fund both sides WE WIN!
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    • Patrick  Iran is next. And then everyone will regret the actions of the U.S. and Israel. Because Russia and China will not sit still and let us terrorize the world.
    • Robbin  we are a sick country and they treat us like shit on us soil our own goverment will attack us if need
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    • Patrick  I'm really freaked out about this Robbin. If they can bomb the boston marathon, even though no one got hurt by the false flag except the two innocent boys, they will not hesitate to actually bomb us.
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    • Robbin: get ready is all im saying .....
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    • Patrick   serious... i am.
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    • Dan    But thats what the US and Israel do.
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    • Patrick     It's so bizarre Danny.
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    • New-Creation Revelational-Ministries They are doing what they know how to do best!---Would you expect a dog to roar? or would you expect a lion to quack?---Do I need say the story how this nation was founded?---WAS IT INSANE?---insanity gives birth to insanity*John 3:6*---And most people ...See More
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    • Patrick      What's your real name, NCRM?
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    • New-Creation Revelational-Ministries I am of no significance when it comes to the truthPatrick Holman  *Galatians 2:20*---Nevertheless, I am identified in the flesh as 'Uwa' 
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    • Jane    its the end times. the Bible says all the nations will converge on Israel. Its inevitable. Israel is scared of chemical explosions and other threats.
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    • Jane    The problem that people see when they look at world conflict is pure force. Syria is terrorizing their people and only non profit types have given them relief like refugee agencies. There are many world leaders who are horrible. The U.S. has also do...See More
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    • Kim     This stuff is all called out in the Bible. Just sayin.
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    • Patrick      Sorry Jane, but the truth is Israel and the U.S. are terrorizing the world. Bigotry has no place on my page. Let me break it down for you. If I think a neighbor, who has done nothing to me, will blow up my house, so i then go blow up his house, who do ...See More
    • Patrick      As far as the bible is concerned, Jesus said that the Jewish leaders were white washed tombs. The free gift of salvation is given to everyone. The jews rejected Jesus, therefore they lost their "chosen" position. They are not special. Who are the chosen people now? Hey New, lend a hand buddy.
    • Victoria    The US are the original terrorist we committed genocide on the native people of North America because they didnt want to conform to our beliefs, and now we are doing it in Syria.
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    • Kim     I mean the destruction of Damascus/Syria. It's in the Bible as an event preceding the end times.
    • Kim      That's not to say I do not doubt or condone the U.S. involvement in any of its terroristic actions. I just think it's interesting that so much that is happening is actually in the Bible.
    • Patrick   Or a good excuse to go bomb someone and steal their resources. "Hey look! It says it right here in da bible! We can go murder innocents and steal their land and resources!!!" that's psychotic.
    • Kim      That's not what I'm saying...jeez. Calm down.
    • New-Creation Revelational-Ministries The chosen ones are the ones (ANYONE) who believe in their heart and confess with their mouth and actions that Christ is Lord!*Romans 10:10*1 John 3:7*---the question is; what is the Christ way that our government/we must follow?
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    • Patrick     Exactly victoria. The so-called "christians" are the worst. Boy will they get a big surprise on judgment day.
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    • Patrick      THANK you.... New!
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    • Patrick     I'm calm. think crazy southern baptist accent. yeeee haaaaa....
    • Patrick       Yo, victoria... I'mma call you...
    • Kim    ?? huh? I said the word "bible' and you're twisting it all up into something I never intended it to be. I'm not Baptist, or 'Southern'. I was just commenting on something I thought was interesting. You're very quick to jump on Christians...which in my opinion crushes your credibility...and intelligence. But ok!
    • Kim     Your thinking is apparently very simple.
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    • New-Creation Revelational-Ministries If we all believe in the holy scriptures then we will remember not to quarrel/ argue about doubtful issues*Romans 14:1* 
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    • Patrick      I see what you're saying Kim. What's happening is written in the bible. I've already got that. I'm not sure why you're attacking me personally, though. Ad hominem is not a good argument. I'm not talking about you, btw. So, you've personalized it. I'm s...See More
    • Jane        I am not a bigot. I was married to a Muslim. America's own enemy is itself. We will be the demise of ourselves. We don't need Canada's help. However, I am a Christian and I support Israel. There are other countries who do wrong like Stalin who killed peasants, China & Japan who overwork citizens...You seem intolerant on this topic.
    • Kim     Any type of Christian bashing (or other beliefs) is unintelligent and immature. I don't know how else to say it. And that is exactly what you did. Immediately. *shrug*
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    • Mark           Israel involved in another war? Big surprise.

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