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Monday, January 7, 2013

My facebook correspondence with Darrell, the Hollywood Hairdresser

rrell Redleaf

  • Conversation started December 4, 2008
  • Jane Hoffman

    I live in reseda so give me a jingle. 818 653 xxxx. My son is ten now. Pictures on facebook of him.
    • December 9, 2008
    • Darrell Redleaf

      hey jane, im around tomorrow and thursday, lets chat! Darrell
      • Jane Hoffman

        Ok is your digits still 769 forgot the rest. I am off Wed. But sold my car to work for obama so if you want to meet you will have to come in my direction.
        • Darrell Redleaf

          818 7xxxxxxx...sold your car to work for obama??? wheres reseda? LOL
          • Jane Hoffman

            I flew to Minnesota a month to work for Obama. Reseda is off 101 about 8 miles west of north Hollywood.
            • Darrell Redleaf

              ah, is there a coffee bean and tea leaf nearby? I can come by sometime
              • Jane Hoffman

                There is a starbucks on reseda and van Owen a mile off freeway. I can meet you there around 12
                • December 10, 2008
                • Darrell Redleaf

                  then we can meet up there!
                  • December 12, 2008
                  • Jane Hoffman
                    i was laid off from one of my 3 jobs
                    And took it hard. I get existentialist at times.
                    • December 22, 2008
                    • Jane Hoffman

                      I have no free time til Sunday the 27th are you going to see your family in AZ?
                      • December 24, 2008
                      • Darrell Redleaf

                        no, i will be in palm springs at our house in the desert...
                        • December 25, 2008
                        • Jane Hoffman

                          does our mean youre in a relationship? MERRY CHRISTMAS DARRELL.
                          • December 26, 2008
                          • Darrell Redleaf

                            yes, I got married to my partner John on Oct 15th, in Beverly Hills, before it became illegal. Merry Baby Jeebus' Birthday
                            • December 28, 2008
                            • Jane Hoffman

                              Did you know I raised money for Human Rights Campaign for 1 and 1/2 years and raised a lot of $ for gay rights? Tons. Is John handsome and what does he do? Maybe I should glance at your picture gallery.
                              • December 29, 2008
                              • Darrell Redleaf

                                Hi, congrats on raizin money for the cause! And being a gay, I thank you! John does color correction for commercials.
                                • March 6, 2009
                                • Jane Hoffman

                                  it seems like you are borderline anti-Christ with Kathy Griffin as your favorite quote. "Suck it Jesus." can u explain? Dont blame Jesus for what the chruch did to the Native Am.
                                  • Darrell Redleaf

                                    Jane, you need to google...Zeitegiest The Movie... you can watch it online for free, its about 2 hours, once you have seen the movie, then we can discuss Jesus. Watch Zeitgeist the Movie first, then Addendum later, but once you have seen Zeitgeist, then you will understand my stance on religion, Jesus, and the like.... Darrell
                                    • Darrell Redleaf

                                      PS, my view and opinion of Jesus has nothing to do with being Native American. I do not adhere to organized religion, I adhere to my ancestral ways, that did NOT include Jesus, for thousands of years before the coming of the whites. And now that we know the 411, I stand by my original belief system that is my TRUE religion.
                                      • Jane Hoffman

                                        thats fine. its just that that one time we briefly discussed religion we had dissecting views of eternity and i wanted to know where you were coming from and if you had any hostility to the Catholicization of the Native Am Indian reservations.
                                        • March 7, 2009
                                        • Darrell Redleaf

                                          Ok YES i hate all organized religion and especially the Catholics and hope they all rot in hell for everything heinous they have done in the name of GOD .....they should rot in hell for eternity. Hows that?
                                          • March 7, 2009
                                          • Jane Hoffman

                                            ha ha. don't worry i am trying to witness Jerry Falwell style.
                                            i meant to say I am NOT trying to witness Jerry Falwell style.
                                            • Darrell Redleaf

                                              • March 31, 2009
                                              • Jane Hoffman

                                                when you said no did you mean about another copy of FSYS? I have spring break next week. maybe coffee then?
                                                • Darrell Redleaf

                                                  yes on coffee, no on FSYS
                                                  • April 10, 2009
                                                  • Jane Hoffman

                                                    ve been through a lot in my llife including death of a child. my religion is personal. not intellectually driven. It is a personal true experience not a hoax for me.
                                                    thats rude you dropped me as a friend cuz of your religious beliefs.
                                                    see what HOllywood does to people
                                                    • Jane Hoffman
                                                      I am not on Facebook to convert you
                                                      If you have a problem with me expressing my opinion, I am sorry. And I am not one of those people who pity you cuz you aren't ssave. Believe what you want. If you are on a mission to convert people, go fot it. I dont know you that well anymore but I think its mean that someone who had as much success as you is going to discount me becuz of my religion. That makes you behave like all the Christians you hate. You can't live your life in a bubble and only hang around people who believe what you did. You came into my life because you wanted to honor Natives and thats what I was doing. I hope you do find peace and not hatred.
                                                      Jane HOffman
                                                      • April 18, 2009
                                                      • Jane Hoffman
                                                        I wrote this poem for someone else but I put in some Native American references...can you find them.
                                                        Today at 7:07pm | Edit Note | Delete
                                                        Who I am
                                                        you try me to be
                                                        an undressed unrefined heretic of misconception and belief
                                                        I am standing at the doorway
                                                        stripped bare clean
                                                        I have nothing but indifference
                                                        and a heart that spontaneous bleeds
                                                        I am no ones' pilgrim
                                                        but the one who took
                                                        the road to Calvary
                                                        I bear my name in his honor
                                                        although I am still unfufilled like He
                                                        an unmartyred Saint
                                                        in the destiny of uncleased love
                                                        the condition God laid on us
                                                        and was sent from above
                                                        Tryin to be no one
                                                        but the person inbetween
                                                        who catches you before you fall
                                                        and brings you to the Spring
                                                        of Redemption falling over me
                                                        Am I a maiden of despair or one who can redeem?
                                                        I don't try and play off innocence
                                                        I try to hide my shame
                                                        I'm not a perfect pattern to whatever is your endgame
                                                        I am hanging in the backdrop
                                                        I'm the river in your broken seams
                                                        will you understand me till I make it
                                                        to the hunting grounds I'm exiled in
                                                        of ladenness
                                                        and despir
                                                        I tried to be a light
                                                        but your fate I could not bear
                                                        allow me the countenance so I can see your grace
                                                        do not deny
                                                        I need to see your face
                                                        Offering me a wafer
                                                        with the tainted wine from the liquor store
                                                        If I fell in love with you
                                                        what would be in store
                                                        A cost of revision
                                                        a life of parallel saints
                                                        to touch you is to heal
                                                        now please let
                                                        me see your face.
                                                        • April 22, 2009
                                                        • Jane Hoffman

                                                          Thanks for all the Hollywood Power lunches. Oh yeah, only secular Hollywood people use others.
                                                          • December 20, 2010
                                                          • Jane Hoffman
                                                            Westboro Baptist
                                                            Even though we are not friends anymore, I interviewed two of the Phelps brothers of Westboro Baptist who use those God Hates Fags signs to try to diffuse his negative message. I am not a supporter of the Church. One of the brothers left the church and is disenfranchised from the family. I have my own radio show and Ernest Sewell is the producer. Here is the link.

                                                          1 comment:

                                                          1. I put this commentary above because I experience religious discrimination. Christians have experienced religious discrimination for centuries. Many Christians are not good testifiers of Christ's existence. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves. If people don't agree with us, pray for them. Notice how Darrell says all Catholics should burn in the hell he doesn't believe in.