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Monday, January 7, 2013


I don't know what is more annoying.  Someone who feels their path of awareness is so concrete they can't absorb the spiritual enlightenment of others or those who are too spiritually evolved to forgive.  I was friends with a former actor who was in my play and we had a big argument about God in around 2010 or early 2011.  He wanted me to watch a movie Zeitgeist or something like that about proof that Jesus and Christianity are a lie.  He asked me to do it on "Good Friday" while I was at my sisters and headed to Laura's for a holiday.  I told him No because I had just found a friend on FB from early childhood and I didn't have time.  Because I didn't have time to watch a movie on Good Friday that defied God he basically said on Facebook Chat "Goodbye Jane, take care" or some drone message that was supposed to be consequential.  I tried to discuss it with him and he got very defensive.  It ended unproductively.  Its been a few years and I emailed him today to tell him about my new Native friends in Duluth (he is Mandan Hidatsa Sioux and was in my Ojibwe play).  He blocked me again.  I guess he wants no interference by those who remind him of the scriptural truth.  I feel like he is real spoiled in which I noticed in his personality when we were face to face friends when I was his director.  He is also very self assured of his personal journey and never questions who he is in a repentant way.  He is also gay and I noticed certain gays are anit-Christian because they know the Old and New Testament say "don't follow your own flesh."  This makes him very angry and he had to go out of his way to create his new self serving religion to justify his actions.  Darrell, you are a poor listener.  None of us are great, we are just forgiven.  So be so caught up in your self righteous mantra that you forget to be humble.  No one is condemning you but you condem others by what they believe.  Thanks for the stripes of Jesus I earned on my back.

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