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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Maya Angelou's primetime chat with Piers Morgan was an inspiration in her choice of words and wisdom.  Among the Washington bickering, the race driven elite cannot see the cultural revolution of over 60 percent of the American population endorsing Barack Obama.  It is a God given occassion and mandate that a man with a foreign last name, mixed blood and Muslim parentage should be nobly elected to our greatest office.  I am humbled and honored in Barack's presence and as a citizen and endorser of his passion, intellect and drive to overcome the barriers of his oppressors to make this a greater nation still.  He will not wane in discouragement but he will journey on into persistence the mark of his administrative goals while managing a nation in constant distress and division.  Unity is the desire but moral virtue is the impetus to change and bringing together many under common causes.  I pledge my support to Barack Obama.

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