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Friday, November 23, 2012

Bad 25

Enclosed is an interview with Spike Lee who directed Bad 25.  It was a great documentary.

There are lotsa little details about the people Michael Jackson collaborated music with.  They showed behind the scenes music development about the songwriting of Man in the Mirror, sound engineering, back up guitars and other instrumentals.  Michael Jackson was color blind in who he chose to work with.  He had older Jewish men like Martin Scorsese, a couple of directors who looked European, women from Queens and Manhattan - unknowns but talented.  Wesley Snipes got his acting debut in the Bad video which was incredible.  He was forceful and believable as an actor in the infancy of his career.  Sheryl Crow toured with him in 1988 European Bad tour..  An older woman who covered his career from Billboard Magazine had interesting details to add.  All around, any Michael Jackson fan would be thrilled (er) to watch this.

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