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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shallow indifference

Bony structure
no flesh to keep in the nostalgic feelings
that rock her soul
she thrives on the indifference
and rides her bike to avoid the structure
of modern car-ware
vagrant man
possesses her heart
piercing her side
undoing her part
unraveling her destiny
that she sabotaged
wondering where she goes from now
when in everything in life seems down
can't find her way out
cuz she ignored God
nowhere to turn to
but her inside world
volume of beauty
that no one has time to read
jotting and scribbling to find her way 
to describe what she's feeling
a permanent collection of 
mark on society
creeping outcasts
swallowed in their emotions
no alternative but grass
and grass buried
the lonely paradigm
unto which she marries
and seems to feel angst
when she can't define her own master plan
won't look for a new lover
too much of a bother
just wallowing in self pity
when she's not even thirty
give me a fucking break
do you think life is some silver platter
that delivers you Prince Charming
by the hour
u didn't even have to look for him on Craig's List
who'd want your bony ass
and uppity disposition
you are Sandra Bullock in Crash
keep trailing in your Bohemian hummus
and pro healthy indigestion
that leads me into a boomer heart attack
to think i have to work with you
until time don't matter.
I am apart from you
get that right

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