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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Going back to my roots- Part I (California to Minnesota)

No state compares to Minnesota, no greater place of beauty, no greater secret of spiritual lands of the Ojibwe.
Above- My father's high school - Duluth Central
Duluth, Minnesota

I drove 2,739 miles from Los Angeles, Ca to Duluth, MN.  It would have taken me maybe 3.5 days had I not missed a crucial turn on the I-40 in Vegas near Boulder City.  That small hairpin turn by Kingman, AZ was maybe a time saver or a scenery changer.  I ended up going thru Mesquite, Nevada which was quite interesting-a true Western town of dustiness and valor with a dotted horizon of two-three casinos.... and North on the I-15 to Green Valley Utah....there is a very quaint cavern of mountains in AZ by Nevada border like the Painted desert but it has a river running thru it, I will look up exact geo location later.  Well, I went through S. Utah and Colorado.  I was in the middle of Utah Nowhere when the news came out about the murderer in Aurora Colorado.   Aside from that blotched tragedy across the American landscape, I found the I -70 to be impeccable condition, no potholes, no pock marks.  the Drive from Richfield, Utah to Denver was flawless with beauty larger than can be imagined.  I will upload some photos of that journey after I edit this out. I have to go to church now. (I will continue this when I return). 

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