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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I can't push myself further out from this box known as reality.  Things have changed dramatically with my job.  All of the Adult Staff are on a makeshift, hazy box on we will return in the Fall.  I don't know why or if I cared until today.  Fighting for continuity in my life to be suddenly obliberated by a condition called budget cuts is a tragic lack of resolution.  The people who strive to serve the general public get punished for remaining in Education.  Each year our jobs are more threatened to the year previous.  Holding onto the future in this profession is trying to squeeze your hands around slips thru your fingers until you have nothing in its original form.  All my college degrees are like paperweights or blowing leaves that are threatened by the state of California, the impetus of the nation, the devaluing of education and yet there are places in America where people pay an arm and leg to do online, private college.  What is the overall value of this private sector hijacking of education where public funds are depleted, stabbed at, dissected and the nature of all industry in America are constantly dismantled like a misrun organization.  Where is anyone's future?  It's all tied in with underpaying non profit sector jobs and obscure, temporal things that shall come to an end?  I think I will look in Harlem or the South side of Chicago for my next gig.

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