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Sunday, June 24, 2012

a golden nugget of thought

Most people in the First world, although raised within an intellectual paradigm of upbringing and social values will not seek out the pure, inner truths unless forced into by either lack of physical needs, emotional needs or spiritual vacuum.  Christians often find their earliest convictions before they reach senior high school.  People in families who parents lack restraint will not find their spiritual center until later.  I have a friend, age 49, who still smokes pot.  He is dependent emotionally and physically on pot.  The only time he has been without it is when he is too broke to buy it or the few scattered times he has been in jail.  Although this persons highly evolved intellectual thoughts and is an accomplished physicist, it is quite tragic that he doesn't see himself in the world as he ought to with the limitations he has created.  He has 2 or 3 minor offenses including a run in with a cop in which he argued valiantly which in most cases is a losing battle.  He claims he had a bench warrant and only had to go to jail for 4-5 days and the charges were dropped.  Because he is a vegetarian, he didn't eat jail food and was hungry as a bear when he got out.  These types of dueling convictions are strange to me.  He has enough self control not to eat meat yet he will break the law to fight for his idea of justice.  He was followed in a neighborhood in Pasadena because he resembled a suspect.  The police stopped to question his once and he was polite.  They stopped him a second time and he got defensive.  He was charged with assault of a police officer because he yanked his arm or elbow away from the cop who held his sleeve.  The details are fuzzy but memorable.  My whole point is, most people will rationalize their convictions for their version of the truth.  He keeps talking how he will make it big in music,  "I just know I can" and his thousand dollar mixing equipment.  He doesn't have the means, the image or the connections to get his music exposed commercially.  In some ways, he pisses me off with his naietivity.  People who aren't go getters don't suddenly become go-getters because they have a talent to share with the world.  People like this simply annoy me.  I am not jaded by the world but realistic at age 51.  My purpose for this blog is to explain that I have combatting gay men about the truths of Christianity lately.  One of my gay friends is willing to listen to my side.  I am not trying to influencing him not to become gay.  I am trying to show him that narrowing the scope of Christianity into his neatly fit ideology will not remove the fact that practicing homosexuality is a well defined biblical sin.  People get emotional about this because it has to do with their idea of love and sense of self.  He thinks he is gay.  He is in love with a gay, therefore, he believes he is gay.  I am not trying to promote a shameful situation but to gently point out that God does not allow homosexuality.  Then my gay friends start challenging the authority of God without really any knowledge of Christianity.  They just go by hearsay or popular preachers.  Anyways, I am frustrated.  I am frustrated even with my so called devout Tajik semi boyfriend who expresses his faith in conflicting ways to benefit himself.  The whole idea of people not embellishing the possibility of truth including honesty with themselves is simply tiring.

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