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Monday, May 28, 2012

What is the higher offense?

The higher offense in this long, drawn out matter is that someone cannot be true to themselves if they don't really know what they want in life and when they do, it may conflict with their present loyalties.  So now with some healthy release, I turn you back over to your girlfriend.  Just don't forget on Friday, you told me at least 30 times how excited you were to meet me Sunday night for the 3rd time.  Should you be angry that my blogs are a reflection of the actions you have created that impacted me?  Oh yes, I forgive myself and you for the doubt you implant and confustion you cause but I do not forgive you for your lies measured with your desires that was a feeble attempt of covering up the damage you caused.  I revealed the truth.   You perhaps denied it.  I do not forgive you for your lack of firmness and for the six months of texting that amounted to nothing.  Perhaps you are a loyal friend but you are also a vanquished foe of spreading your desires to women in a falsified manner.  So don't act too smug, only you truly know the code words that led you here: Lust, betrayal and denial.  An arsenal of romantic crime spree that will take you to a Jack Sparrow hideout where you will discover God and be shameful for your sins.

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