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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Its not revenge, its evolution

J.** has always been nice to me, just lost along the way at times.  I was worried yesterday when he didn't get back to me.  We are not conspirators in sin.  There was a time we had true feelings for each other since we have been texting since January.  Six months.  I am not trying to make up for what he doesn't get at home.  We talk a lot about religion and faith and life.  We have both lost immediate family members.  I am not looking for a showdown with his girlfriend but there are obvious signs the relationship is dead.   I wasn't tacky and didn't post his texts or emails.  I do not want this woman to challenge my faith.  There are things in his life that require healing, not destruction.  He has been a rock and foundation for me in hard times as well.  Let bygones be bygones.  Reading someone's blog should be a journey into insight and truth, not a purpose to tear down.  Thanks Joe for having been in my life.

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