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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Resisting Temptation not that hard

Remember that movie with Michael Douglas called The Game or something like that?  He knows the world is playing a trick on him, he senses it all around him.  He knows he is going to get dogged before he steps out with his final outrage but he persists among carnage and chaos because he is determined.  For what, he does not know.  He knows the outcome will not be pretty but in order for someone to record his rage, he will continue.  That is what its like dealing with the Irish guy.  I cannot solve the problem of his falsity and I will no longer try.  I am in Mexico already with a t-shirt that says "You've been screwed" or something similar.  There is no making up between the damned.  Damned for thinking about it.  Damned for trying to engineer the sins and lies. Its a phony solution to a real problem.  to be continued.....  

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